UPDATED WINNER - COMPETITION: Make up lesson with Celebrity Make-up artist, Sophie Hendra!

January 13


As I know a lot of you are beauty mavens, this week I’m giving away a make up lesson and consultation with Celebrity make up artist (check her work on Mischa Barton above), Sophie Hendra! Sophie has worked with high profile clients, large events and magazines in the Middle East and Europe.  She is also one of the only artists in the region to offer professional airbrushing! Sophie is one of the key exhibitors at the Beyond Beauty Arabia event if you’ll be popping down!

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Sophie is one of the first artists in this region to use a professional compressor and airbrush gun to apply make-up. By using an airbrush, the micronized make-up is dispersed so finely over primed skin that it can barely be seen. It rests on the surface of the skin so is not rubbed in (which can often exaggerate the pores with conventional makeup application). The micro mist of makeup fills pores and fine lines thus creating the flawless finish that you see on today’s celebrities. The process is hygienic and allows the skin to breathe but also conceals the skin properly.

Airbrush makeup is water resistant so tears or perspiration don’t cause a problem, you can simply blot away any moisture leaving the makeup in place perfectly. Another huge benefit is that the makeup really lasts, with over 12 hours of wear, airbrush makeup won’t rub off on clothing or fade away but is easily removed at the end of the event and gentle on the skin.

Once Sophie sprays the airbrush makeup on to her clients it dries instantly and doesn’t need re-applying. Another benefit is that it can also cover birthmarks, scars and tattoos. Airbrushing is a quick process, taking just a couple of minutes to spray on.

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