Yellow diamonds, Happy 175th birthday Tiffany & Co!

December 28

To celebrate the 175th anniversary (can you believe it) of Iconic jewelry brand, Tiffany & Co., the Tiffany diamond went on a short tour from New York to Japan followed by Dubai. The stone is one of the largest yellow diamonds in the world with a whopping 128.54 carats.

I was recently invited for afternoon tea at the Tiffany & Co. flagship store in Dubai for some mint lemonade, hot chocolate and macarons. I was shown around the store, getting introduced to the different sections they have as well as the exhibition and mighty diamond. It was great to learn more about the brand’s legacy, the stones it will be stopping, Faberge eggs and that the brand is number one for engagement rings.

Above are a few pictures from my photo diary, but make sure to stop by the Dubai Mall boutique for a store visit, a chance to check out the exhibition and the beautiful diamond necklace.

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