Myfashdiary meets... Katie Grand's trainer, Christina Howells!

November 17
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Introducing one of my favorite trainers in London… who has her own method called ‘The Body Sculpt Method’ Finding a trainer outside of LA and NYC has always been a struggle. I find it very rare to find a trainer/instructor that understands women want a strong body yet a lean one too without bulking up whatsoever. I recently learnt about Christina Howells, celebrity trainer and the lady behind Katie Grand’s brand new spankin body, and Minnie Driver’s workouts. I recently met Christina in London for a two hour session and wow – what a workout!

What our workout consisted of…

-Dancing and skipping on the treadmill: so much fun, yet what a workout!

-Exercises on the trampoline: we worked the inner and outer thighs as well as the core.

-Mat work

-Bands on the ceiling: This looked so simple yet it worked every single muscle in the body as well as the arms

I also spoke to Christina to find out more about her career, her Body by Christina system, and how many times we must work out in a week…

-Hi Christina! Firstly, we’d love to know how you started your career in the fitness industry?
I always loved running when I was younger and being active so I could never see myself in a job that required sitting down. I studied Exercise and Sport science at University and loved it. Fitness and nutrition has been a big part of my life for over 20 years and I still live and breathe it.

 -You created the Body by Christina system for women – Could you let us know more about the system and why you came up with it?
The system was designed over years of experience of working with women and learning what works and what doesn’t. Aesthetics is important to woman and developing a longer leaner physique. I work with a lot of models and women in fashion. These women demand authenticity – they know what they want and they want to be treated like an individual and not just another head through the door. Also I frequently work with women with health issues such menopause, depression and under active thyroid which can often lead to women feeling exercise and dietary change will be a waste of time as they feel they wont get the results they want.         I work to encourage women to exercise and make lifestyle changes whatever their barrier and provide a supportive environment in which they can do so.

 -A fitness tip you can give women trying to shape up for Christmas?
Ditch the diet and don’t over exercise- crash dieting, extreme calorie restriction are detrimental to weight loss due to the impact they have on reducing metabolism. This, coupled with excessive exercise, becomes a self-defeating battle that will never be won. You simply end up needing to eat less food before the weight piles on again.  In order to get the results you want, the body needs to be well nourished with nutritious fresh food otherwise it will rebel. Furthermore, a day spent worrying about food is simply draining and stressful and does little for your social life or mood. To top it all, it usually results in you feeling negative and eating to feel emotionally better. To make things easy for my clients they often take advantage of having amazing fresh portioned control healthy food delivered to them from the Detox Kitchen  This just helps you understand what a portion really is and helps you quit the ‘crap’ out your diet.

 -A question on most women’s minds… how many times a week should we aim to work out?
If you have a goal in mind then a sensible plan that you can achieve is important set over a realistic time span. If you have just six weeks then I would plan 4-x week. Planning is important – once it is in the diary it stays in the diary.

 -How important is nutrition for a great body and weight loss?
Nutrition is the essential ingredient for a great body and feeling well. No matter how often you exercise if the diet is not right then you wont lose weight – its that simple. Furthermore diet is not just a weightless tool but also a way of life. I recommend you select foods that provide the most nutritional value for the calories consumed. Ditch the junk, the sugar, processed foods and diet foods and consider reducing and wheat based produce.