My F1 Abu Dhabi Diary!

November 10

I recently attended the F1 for the first time in Abu Dhabi with one of my closest friends, Sasha – I was always in London for the past 4 years. The F1 took place on a 4 day weekend, but due to time constraints – I was just able to choose one day, which was a Saturday. The first 3 days included test races followed by a concert at night & day 4 was the Grand Prix followed with an Eminem concert, which I sadly had to miss. A beautiful sunny day, a chilled atmosphere, and everyone was in casual gear for the day. We had the chance to visit the venue, YAS island, and watched the races. Due to a late night, I was exhausted by the evening so I ended up missing the Nickelback concert.

Whilst we were at the F1, I popped into the VIP lounge where I checked out the brands showing (Dear & talented family friend, Nadine Kanso was showing at the lounge too!- picture above) One of my favorite mobile spas, Azur Spa had a dedicated section at the lounge where I tried out their Sequin manicure (check out my Instagram feed!) and even tried their 15 minute chemical free teeth whitening by The Smile Workshop (which I recommend!) If you’re not familiar with Azur Spa, check out the link to learn more – they literally do every treatment at the comfort of your own home. I also met the founder & managing director, the super cool Rana El-Eid while I was there (picture above).

Thank you for having me F1 – Enjoy my photo diary above!

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