BEAUTY BUZZ: September 2012

October 1

Perfume: Gucci Premiere
The latest perfume I’m head over heels with – Gucci Premiere – which is fronted by Blake Lively! The main accord is White floral, and a fragrance I know I’ll be buying for years to come…

Bed: Neom Organics pillow mist
I love spraying a spritz of this organic pillow mist on my pillow before going to bed. Smells good, and completely relaxes me after a long day at work.

Sun: Clarins sun control stick
I love carrying this little stick in my handbag as we are constantly exposed to sun in Dubai. It is a great thing to carry around and apply when there is an area you need to be extra careful about!

Cleanser: Elemis melting cleanser
I have stuck to the same cleanser over the years but I have finally come across one I love. This one by Elemis starts off as a serum looking liquid, moves on to an oil base once spread on the face, and ends into a cleansing soap once water washes off the liquid. My face always ends up feeling fresh, bright and squeaky clean!
Moisture: La Mer moisturizing gel cream
I always found the classic Creme de la Mer cream super heavy on the skin, even though it gave the skin the perfect moisture. I love how the brand has a lighter gel cream if you’re skin can’t handle heavy products. I love the texture of the gel cream, as well as the light hydration it gives the skin after application.
Lips: Chanel Plaisir 164
Chanel always have a great range of glosses. In love with this shade… the perfect light pink.
Tools: Sephora Exfoliating face disc
This is the latest addition to my cleansing routine. I love how it’s made out of jelly, super exfoliating, easy to use, fun to use with a cleanser.
Foundation: Dolce & Gabbana the foundation
It is no secret I LOVE Dolce foundations – I love their new ‘the foundation’ and love the shade Bronze 144.
Scent: Lush Vanillanary
One of my favorite scents is Vanilla. I love fragrances with a Vanilla note. Lush have come out with this fab Vanillanary collection (I love the Atomizer and solid perfume) which is made out of Fairtrade Vanilla beans (yum). I love how it’s strong, sweet but not in a disturbing way. I love applying them on my inner wrists and behind my ear.