Myfashdiary experiences... The Caviar Manicure @ Sisters Beauty Lounge!

August 14
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You might have read about Caviar nails on before, and that is correct. When Selfridges came out with a British exclusive, I got my hands on a box but I must admit, I wasn’t the greatest with putting it on, that they didn’t end up coming on the way I would have liked them to. Once I heard Sisters Beauty Lounge in Dubai were bringing them in and you can come in and get a manicure and Caviar nails, I knew I would come in and try the black ones which looked super cool.

Sisters beauty Lounge needs no introduction, one of my favorite salons in Dubai and I am at one of their branches at least several times a month. Last week, I came in for a pampering session and a Caviar mani at their new Mall of the Emirates branch (a great location) just outside the Tribes restaurant entrance.

First off, if you’re not familiar with the Caviar mani – it is not exactly real caviar, but it sure does look like it 🙂 They are little balls that are super light and fun that come in different colors that stick on after the putting on two coats of Ciate nailpolish. The black one that I went ahead with is 90% black balls and 5% in a blue-green color, and 5% silver, which give a great contrasting touch. When you see the turnout, you would think it would probably take ages to put on but to be honest, it probably took only 10 more minutes than a normal mani, which is great!

The treatment starts off as a normal manicure, but after putting on two coats, the beautician pours the balls over the nails – most stick and the rest fall into the tray (which goes back into the bottle using a filter). My beautician made sure the nail was filled with the mini balls and that they were placed neatly. Once that was done, a clear coat was topped over the nails.

Now, the question I’ve been receiving… How long did they actually last? My beautician told me to lay off cleaning dishes or soaking my hands in water for them to last 48 hours – I listened to her instructions and they did last a full 2 days before the balls lost their color or fell off. I definitely recommend you get it done on the day you want to go out, because they won’t last till the weekend! I also don’t know how many compliments I received in the 2 days.

Another question – is it easy to remove? yes, the balls fall out once you put nail polish remover over. Easy, Peasy!

My Beautician: Annalyn Bustillo (who was fab!)

The manicure cost AED135. For more, check out