Myfashdiary... gets a Diamond Dental Clean!

July 7
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I recently popped over to the Covent Garden Dental Spa for a Diamond clean – As I have the sweetest tooth, I need to make sure I have regular cleans plus it is something that is quite essential for us to do to keep our teeth and gums healthy. The dental spa itself was super relaxing, it pretty much feels like a spa! To add to that, it is situated in a great area – on neal street in covent garden (which is very close to the Covent Garden underground station), Quiet place in a buzzy area.

My appointment was with Dr. Flora – who owns the clinic. Not only did I leave with squeeky clean teeth, a great education that is great for maintenance till my next clean. Once I arrived, I filled out consultation forms and once it was time for my appointment, Dr. Flora talked me through the process… It started off with her checking out my teeth, then showing me my own teeth and gums via the mini camera that goes into my mouth showing me those details that I would have never spotted in the mirror. I found it quite interesting… I also feel like because we always focus on our front teeth, we forget that we need to make sure the back of the teeth are brushed too! Dr. Flora always poked my gums to check their sensitivity before I started the actual clean.

Finally, time for the clean – Dr. Flora makes sure all the plaque and calculus are removed from the teeth – front, back and in between the teeth, which doesn’t hurt whatsoever – only felt the pressure. Followed by the polishing with the Diamond polish – also doesn’t hurt, just a tickling sensation 🙂 What I loved about this is the fact that it is SUPER fast – no excuse to miss teeth cleans because of back to back schedules and Dr. Flora is one of the nicest Doctors I’ve ever met.

Along the way, I also learnt some fab tricks of the trade that I thought I would share with all of you…  She suggested I use a revolver brush (have done when I was little, should maybe move back now!), Don’t forget to brush the teeth from the back, Get a clean done every 3-6 months depending on gum sensitivity and Ofcourse, don’t forget to floss!