5 minutes with… DKNY PR Girl, Aliza Licht!

July 18
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Introducing the hottest fashion game on Facebook… Fashion Week Live! Fashion Week Live challenges players to forge a career for themselves within the fashion world where they can rise in the ranks and interact with top designers, models and make-up artists. With the launch in tow, they have teamed up exclusively with DKNY, as well as working closely with DKNY PR Girl – none other than Aliza Licht! To get a feel of the game, check out the video below

If there is one person you’re going to follow on twitter, it is @DKNY who is known as DKNY PR girl – style, humor and wise words all in one twitter handle as well as representing one of the world’s renowned brands, DKNY. I recently spoke to the woman behind it all, DKNY SVP of Global communications, Aliza Licht! We spoke about social media, blogs and time management…


You are always alert and at the top of all social media platforms! what are your views on the new interactive facebook game?
The minute IMG came to me about the game over a year ago, I was instantly on board. For us, it’s another layer of social interaction. It used to be that the fashion industry was very private and seemingly mysterious. But then people started waking up to the industry and realizing that those clothes they are wearing actually come from somewhere and maybe, that’s a really interesting story. Fashion Week Live gives people a chance to see if they can make it, albeit virtually, in an industry they may have always fantasized about, but looked at from afar.

What are your views on fashion blogs?
Umm  seriously? Love. I’m an opinionated person by nature and I always welcome other opinions. I love seeing fashion distilled through personal filters and lenses.

You seem to manage it all! What is one of your top tips to managing time?
I hardly manage it all! The cracks my things keep slipping through are so big that the Grand Canyon is jealous. The truth is it takes a team both professionally and personally. With a great one, you can do it all. ‘It’, of course meaning surviving the day!!

As a social media expert, where do you think Social media will move in 5 years?
I’m not an expert by a long shot. What I am is passionate. As far as I’m concerned the conversation will continue and wherever it is, I will be there.