Fudge at its' best... Roly's Fudge

June 5

I love fudge. Loove it. But let me tell you, Never have I enjoyed a more delicious fudge than this one and I have to share this amazing secret. Roly’s Fudge produce hand-made crumble fudge that is super delicious, which ends up melting in your mouth. What I love mostly about it is the fact that it tastes fresh, gourmet, – once you take a bite, the fudge breaks into crumbs and suddenly melts.

Here’s my breakdown:

Maple & Pecan fudge:
One of my top faves, not too sweet, but enough sweetness for a fudge with walnuts (which I love!)

Vanilla clotted cream:
One of my top faves too… Think crumbly Vanilla fudge with a compressed clotted cream flavor!

An original fudge flavor – delish!

Peanut Butter:
Let’s just say… satisfies any peanut butter crave

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