Myfashdiary experiences... The Borrowers Club!

April 27

I was recently introduced to The Borrowers Club… not the best of ideas for a handbag addict. I have come across the borrow-a-dress etailers etc, which I don’t generally use but TBC is genius. Borrowing an IT handbag from the Mulberry Tillie, a classic Chanel, a vintage Chanel to a Chloe Marcie for five days at a very affordable price. Not to mention, service was great! my bag arrived in the morning in a TBC duster bag and a postage bag (free to post back). I ended up going for a Vintage Chanel rock bag (check out two of my LOTDs above), but if I didn’t go for that – I have included 3 of my picks.

I’m going to stop here… as browsing is pretty exciting because of the variety of brands and handbags. If you do borrow a bag, do let me know which one you go for! 

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