5 minutes with... Narciso Rodriguez!

March 31
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This week, Myfashdiary exclusively interviews Narciso Rodriguez – not only does this have man have a super successful fashion line, his fragrance one is just as successful. His fragrance is worn by a ton of celebrities and has a great fan base around the world. I spoke to Narciso about his inspirations, what makes the perfect fragrance, Dubai and Fashion blogs!

What inspires you?
Inspiration can really vary—it could be a painting, the infrastructure of a bridge, the way a certain woman carries herself.  From there, the process is always serendipitous; anything can happen. For example, this season I was inspired by many artists, photos, films, films stills, collages, really, lots of collecting and thinking—and the collection became very much about color,  texture and a new kind of graphic fluidity


Women love your fragrances! In your opinion, what makes them a great fragrance?
My fragrances always begin with a musk I’ve specifically chosen for a scent. Musk has been my own personal scent for years; it’s like an addiction.  It’s truly magical; it’s both elemental and refined, modern and classic. What I love most about it is that it’s so mercurial; it has an uncanny ability to reflect the personality of the wearer.


When you create a fragrance – do you have a woman in mind?
My muses are an eclectic group; they come from everywhere. They can be my closest friends, the women I work with, women I see on the street, women on the subway or in the park. I love women who project strong personalities, who carry themselves with pride, who radiate grace and beauty from the inside. 


Do you read fashion or beauty blogs?
The blogs I follow are fashion related but I am also interested in blogs about the art world and architecture. Some of my fav blogs are:, and


MyFashdiary is based between London and Dubai! Have you ever been to Dubai – what are your thoughts?
I have wanted to visit Dubai for many years now but have never had the opportunity. Hopefully I will make it there soon as we have many loyal fans there.


Last but not least, what is your favorite fash city?
I love New York; it’s my home base. NYC’s urban environment is a huge source of inspiration for my creative process. I also love Paris though for its creativity, craftsmanship and energy.