Trendy Tech: Vertu Constellation Phone

February 14

When I think of vertu, I think about luxury… I recently used the new Vertu Constellation for a month – I expected the phone to be super fragile, but was impressed that it takes a lot for the phone to actually break/stop working.

What I was mostly excited for… was the Vertu Concierge service! With each phone, there is a concierge dedicated that helps you with requests and 24/7 customer support, to reservations (a little like your personal assistant!) Who I used to book dinner reservations! As a Vertu user, you also get access to member’s clubs around the world and receive a digital city guide once you travel to another city and arrive at your destination.

In terms of the style, the phone was slick, chic and I loved the touch screen! The camera was great, not only was the quality absolutely fab, I loved how the camera took over the screen 🙂 easy to use, and definitely a luxury statement (the phones don’t come cheap…)

For more, check out Vertu Middle East’s site.

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