INSIDER: The Stylist, Angela Scanlon.

February 5
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Introducing a brand new feature! Please share your feedback in the comment box below or myfashdiary’s facebook and twitter pages! Each ‘Insider’ feature will highlight a different profession as well as tips from the actual Insider!

This week, we have the super stylish Stylist, Angela Scanlon! Feel free to suggest a profession you would like to see featured and I will try my best to get that featured – also do let me know what kind of questions you would like me to ask next time!

-How to break it into the industry?
Get experience! I get emails every day from girls asking how to break into the industry and the answer is always the same. I don’t rate styling courses and think that practical work, on shoots, prepping etc is invaluable. Styling is not what many imagine it to be so seeing the extent of work in reality is the best gauge of whether it’s right for you. You need to be passionate, hard-working and pretty much married to fashion. It’s a lifestyle, not a job.

 -What makes a good stylist?
Commitment. Vision. Decisiveness, and conviction in those decisions. Also, the ability to get along with people shouldn’t be underestimated. You need to build relationships and earn respect as well as deliver the goods aethectically!

 -Finish the sentence: A Stylist… 
Has strong arms; carrying bags tends to beef up your biceps real nice!

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