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January 31

I am a huge fan of members-only Fashion club, The Industry‘s talks. I always leave with a greater insight to what is happening in the fashion industry, and the business side that is not highly spoken about in the Fashion Consumer Media. Last week, The Industry hosted a Futurist Panel featuring Digital experts:

Nik Thakkar (a brand developer – He has worked on some great collaborations including Karl Lagerfeld x Coca Cola!)
Katie Bell (The founder of Stardolls – a huge interactive styling program for teens & tweens!)
Paulina Bozek (App developer, who has just launched closet swap for teen girls)

Definitely 3 talented individuals worth researching about… and was moderated by the lovely, Lauretta Roberts (Director of the WGSN boutique and WGSN Global fashion awards). As a blogger, and avid social media-holic, It was great to learn about Digital generation – it’s status now, and what the future holds in Digital. It was also interesting to hear about how Technology can help a brand. Nik mentioned that ‘Digital is becoming the Norm these days’ (which is very true… you have brands that have digital teams, who specifically work on everything digital for the brand)

Some great tips mentioned at the talk:

-Listen to your customers and readers… they will help you flourish.
-Not every social network is right for every brand.
-Get ahead of social media, and think of exciting ways to use it for your brand. 

Thank you to super interesting panel, Courtney (The Industry’s founder) and the great team at ‘The Industry’!

Other talks I attended hosted by The Industry:
-Markus Lupfer talks to Dolly Jones
Yasmin Sewell talks to Lauretta Roberts 

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