5 minutes with... Maryam Keyhani.

January 5
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As you know jewellery and accessories take over my life… I never get sick of writing about them, talking about them or wearing them. This week, I’m all about Maryam Keyhani! I love how unique her pieces (which by the way, are major statement pieces!) Maryam is Canadian based (Toronto, to be exact) She is one to keep your eye on. Great news, S*uce will be stocking her for SS12!

To top it off, I interviewed Maryam – check it out below!

-Hi Maryam! Obsessed with your designs! How did you get into designer jewellery?
I started designing accessories for myself as I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

-What inspires you?
Everything, anyone who is creative would tell you inspiration comes in all forms.

-some people love a statement necklace, but don’t know how to wear one… what style tip would you give them?
What I like about any good piece of accessory is its ability to give simple and sometimes older outfits a new life. You can wear the same black blazer with a white shirt or wear it with a fabulous neckpiece and completely change the look. At the end of the day I love it when I see girls wearing my pieces and they have each put their own twist on it. So it’s really up to the pesons personal style and how they like to wear the pieces. I adore seeing girls looking sharp in great accessories.

 -what are your thoughts on collaborations – any in the pipeline? 
I would like to – It’s nice to sometimes redirect your focus as I spend all my time working on the collection. I would be open to it if it’s the right fit.

 -I adore your style – how would you describe your style?
I tend to go with more minimal and classic shapes and personalize the look with accessories I adore.

-Do you read fashion blogs?
Yes, I’m up working late a lot of nights so I take a break every couple of hours and find some blogs inspiring.