BEAUTY BUZZ: January 2012

January 23

Hair: Bumble & Bumble seaweed shampoo
As I wash my hair quite regularly, I like light products that don’t pull my hair down and this Bumble & Bumble seaweed shampoo is just perfect! I love how light the scent is, sans cream and gives your hair a fresh feel and squeeky clean finish. Totally loving this shampoo this month!

Liner: Clarins Instant Liner 01
I always stayed away from liquid liners and preferred pencil liners because if you mess up a liquid line… it is back to the basics. Instead of using pencil liners, I moved on to Clarins Instant liner and have fallen in love. SO easy to use, it gives that perfect fine line and lasts all day (mine stays on from morning to midnight!)

Mascara: Bourjois rotating Mascara
I was introduced to this mascara by Make up artist, Samira Olfat during a shoot in Dubai and I couldn’t wait to get one to try it for myself. I was not dissapointed one bit (love secrets from Make up artists!) – very cool concept, curls the lashes perfectly and it really is my latest obsession.

Nails: Toma nailpolish in ‘Rocket’ from
This color is the perfect winter color in my opinion. Deep, flattering and super chic with winter clothes. I recently tried a few Toma nail varnishes and loved the texture and color turnout – Their colors are very on trend too!

Bronzer: Benefit bronzer in ‘Dallas’
I’ve been hearing about Benefit’s bronzers for quite some while now and wanted to try it for myself as I’ve stuck to my Guerlain for years now. I can see why people are crazy about it – I love how the Dallas shade is a dark bronze, and is easy to carry around without breaking into pieces – perfect for the handbag!

Moisture: Figs & Rouge balm
I was recently introduced to this balm and find it very practical. When I’m out, I always like to moisturize whenever I feel my skin getting dry & instead of always carrying out a cream/lotion bottle, this balm is perfect. Not greasy whatsoever, but still moisturizes. Also 100% organic and I love the tin packaging! Click here for more 

Body: Chance by Chanel Body Moisture lotion
Otherwise when I’m home, I love a creamy and rich lotion for my body to apply after the shower and before bed. I love the fragrance ‘Chance’ by Chanel so I’ve been using the Body Moisture lotion this month. I love it – so moisturizing and feels so rich!

Cleansing: Bioderma Solution Micellaire H20
If I had to describe this product… I would probably call it ‘The Magic Water’ – it really is another one of my obsessions. It is a water based solution, cleanser & make up remover –
it removes heavy make up, non oily and great for sensitive eyes. If you are not familiar with this, I suggest you get yourself one STAT.

Soap: Chocolate Bar soap by
This is the perfect gift/stocking filler for a sweet tooth (aka me!) – looks exactly like a white chocolate bar, smells like fudge and looks like a willie wonka bar! obsessed…

Supplement: Inversion Femme
I was recently introduced to this supplement – haven’t tried it yet but I know loads of women swear by it (and Catherine Zeta Jones uses it regularly!) There is a huge buzz around the product… it gives you super health hair, skin, nails, and figure!

Lips: Dolce & Gabbana Ruby collection
I really am D&G Make up’s biggest fan – it is one brand that never misses a beauty buzz month! Dolce Make up came out with a Ruby Collection –  a collection of lipsticks (a larger collection in a whole, but I’m crazy about the lippies!) that comes every red imaginable! Perfect if you regularly paint your lips red or even the perfect valentines day present for your misses!

Hands: Russian doll handcream from
Great for a gift, and great keeping on your desk as an ornament and to dab some on when in need of cream (looks a lot better than a cream tube on the desk!) Check it out here