Are you an Ethical Muse?

November 19

If you love Fashion, why not give back whilst doing what you love! whether it is supporting great causes or supporting upcoming designers… This week, my mom attended an exclusive private luncheon hosted by Cathy Leibman and Christina Decker (check them out with the Maison sucre cake above!), where they launched their new venture, Ethical Muse – which is poised to change the way consumers view products coming out of emerging countries. Their mission is to design, source and produce high quality, style focused products that allow economic sustainability. The event was to also launch their Koko clutch (named after the designer) 50 are sold worldwide and the clutch was made in Ethiopia in a beautiful red to call attention to World Aids day on December 1st. My mom purchased one of the 50 pieces to support this cause & I suggest you do too!

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