BEAUTY BUZZ: October 2011

October 31

-Nails: Elegant Touch Limited Edition Colour Drench.
I am a nails fanatic – I love changing my nails every week & always up for something a unique and a little crazy! These gorgeous ombre nails by Elegant Touch are perfect – I can’t wait to put them on asap!

-Shower: Tommy Guns Shampoo & Conditioner.
This month I have been using Tommy Guns Shampoo & Conditioner… The Jasmine & Wildnettle shampoo and Sweet almond conditioner! Not only is the smell to die for… my hair smells amazing after using them. They also give my hair that perfect daily hydration… obsessed with them.

-Foundation: Dolce & Gabbana Cream Foundation in Bronze.
Usually, the only foundation I really love are the ones that are pretty much light/tinted moisturizers but I was recently introduced to D&G’s Cream foundation, and wow. I am officially addicted to it… creamy, yet not too heavy. perfect coverage and the bronze color gives the perfect tan…

-Lips: Kate Moss X Rimmel Lipsticks.
When I first heard about this collaboration, I was ecstatic. Love Kate Moss & Love Rimmel. I was excited to see how the final product was going to look! I attended the launch event during fashion week last month and we were able to check out the capsule lipstick collection & I was impressed, couldn’t wait to get my hands on them! I received a few of the colors this month and I have been wearing them all month (they smell so good & have a great solid, yet creamy texture)

-Hair: Guy Kremer – Perfume & Gloss spray.
When I’m out and about – busy running around (which is pretty much everyday) I love throwing in some products in my bag to keep me fresh all day – This product is one that is perfect. easy to carry around, gives you that instant gloss and a fresh scent that gets absorbed in your hair for the day!

-Illuminator: New Kid Cosmetics i-glow.
I love anything with shimmer! I love using an illuminator powder over my make up and I recently tried out this illuminator and fell in love. Perfect to brush over your bronzer before heading out the door.

-Body: 3Lab Perfect cream
With all the weather change and traveling, it’s very important to keep hydrated. Having a great face moisturizer and a great rich body cream always helps. Love this 3Lab perfect cream – perfect for dabbing on after the show (I love the sweet almond scent too!)

-Skin: Purity Organic Skincare conditioning cleansing lotion
For make up removers, I always make sure to use an oil free make up remover to avoid excess oil on my skin but I recently came across this conditioning cleansing lotion that I have been using after shoots and a night out – easily removes all your make up and the surface dirt on your skin, as well as moisturizing the skin without any excess oil on the skin.

-Eyes: Collection 2000 Intense colour eyeliner
if there are two cosmetic products I can’t live without – they would have to be a bronzer and an eyeliner pencil. I tend to buy eyeliner pencils quite regularly because of how much I tend to use them. It’s always great to find something affordable yet an intense color to make sure it shows on your inner lids – This one by Collection 2000 is great!