Travel Thursdays with the Vintage Queen, CARMEN HAID!

September 16

This week, the gorgeous & very sweet – Carmen Haid of (my vintage go-to!) shares her travel tips EXCLUSIVELY on!

-I always take my William Sharp cashmere slippers for the plane, they keep me warm and comfortable. William does also great cashmere scarves that are perfect to replace any airplane bedding.
-For the best hydration on dry airplanes I take 2 liters of coconut water. It is isotonic, full of mineral salts that act as electrolytes, highly nutritious, containing vitamins minerals and phytochemicals including kinetin, which promotes tissue repair and is hence associated with anti-ageing.
-I take Krill Oil capsules, it is the only omega fish oil that shields from radiation when flying, highly recommended.
-Instead of sleeping tables I take this homoeophatic melatonin cream to overcome any jetlag. It contains antioxidants – including Melatonin, one of the most potent antioxidants known to man – that may protect your skin against free radical and environmental damage.
-When travelling I always dress in layers. I make sure I have in my carry on suitcase a pair of socks, flats, a thin cotton shirt, black cashmere jumper, a pair of sunglasses (preferably from vintage Chanel from Atelier-Mayer, ipad, worldwide bberry charger (you never know in which country you end up – i was coming back from India and ended up via Abu Dhabi, Paris, Lyon in Milan on my way to London when a snowstorm hit Heathrow airport last December), a scarf and scent sticks (it cleans the air when staying in hotel rooms) and listerine mints.

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