EXCLUSIVE Interview with Unconditional Designer, Philip Stephens!

August 9
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Great news for my UK readers – Unconditional have opened a store at the Triangle Shopping Centre, Manchester & for anyone that is planning to visit Manchester anytime soon, be sure to check out the store! For my Dubai based readers, Boutique1 stocks Unconditional.

To celebrate this great launch – Myfashdiary have exclusively interviewed the designer, Philip Stephens! Check out the interview below…

adore those skirt trousers by Unconditional!

Fashion is... a fun way of expressing oneself .

How did the name 'Unconditional' come about? I did not want to call it after myself …..
it refers back to unconditional love ,
which to me is the most special gift in our lives  - although to write  that
sounds a little crass. I started UNCONDITIONAL with knitwear, often
hooded,  which to me is very cocoon like and protective / enveloping a little
like love should be  J ….. and great for travel also . I often imagined doing
something to protect our clients in their daily lives .

Inspirations behind your current collection.....  There are many -
and it constantly develops throughout the seasons
designing process so it’s something I don’t really like talking about
that- I find it a bit too complicated to explain as it rarely makes sense !
 – honestly  each collection picks up from the last and it’s like a long
unravelling story …. I often have to make something up to try and make
sense of it for our Japanese agents  – and I hate doing that ! They love a
cohesive theme and story .

Have you ever been to the Middle East?
No, but we sell there – to Boutique One .

Favorite Fashion city? London , and New York or  maybe Antwerp –
depending on the mood. I also love Berlin actually- it’s a very cool city and
reminds me of London 20 years ago….fashion for me is not just clothing - it
is all aspects of lifestyle.

Fashion Magazines or Fashion Blogs?
 I never really look at fashion blogs, and very rarely at magazines- only
when I travel……. Then I might have a flick….. But I am aware that many
magazines are now online so as usual everything is merging …. I was literally
just sent  a PDF of something we are in Schon magazine , and know that’s
available online …… apparently many magazines are now downloadable to i-
pads now- so I was told last weekend ….. I’m still learning to use mine! :)

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