Travel Thursdays with Denim Designer, MICHELLE SIWY OF SIWY DENIM!

May 5

If you had to ask me where most of my jeans were from, there would be one answer… Siwy. This week, I have been lucky enough to have Siwy’s founder and creative director, Michelle Siwy sharing her travel tips exclusively with you! For more, check out Siwy’s website!

1. Never underestimate how dry and tired your skin can look if it’s not moisturized. I slather on a serum to keep me hydrated the entire trip. I use Ren wild rose oil.

2. It’s hard keeping it simple when it comes to packing but I always have a bikini, no matter how cold my destination is and an elegant dress and heels on hand.

3. I always store a light weight pair of sneakers that don’t take up too much room, like stella mccartney for adidas. It’s nice to go for a little run or walk while your in a new city and see it from a different point of view. (Shop Stella McCartney for Adidas here!)

4. Always carry a smaller version of your make up kit in your purse- in case your luggage goes missing.

5. It’s nice to bring a soft scarf that can also double as a light weight blanket, since you planes can get chilly. I use it to cover my head if I fall asleep. 

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