EXCLUSIVE Interview with Dior & Celebrity Beauty Expert, SHANE PAISH!

March 20

I recently had the opportunity to interview Dior expert & the man behind Chloe Sevigny & Charlize Theron’s gorgeous make up looks! I couldn’t help but ask him on tips on how to get Chloe’s perfect red lips & Charlize’s glowy bronzed look! Check out the interview below to read the secrets behind those looks, the product he swears by, and his thoughts on Beauty blogs!

-Hi Shane! First off, when did you realize you wanted to go into Beauty & Make up?
It was after I had finished school and I was an art major , I had always wanted to live the fairytale life of being the starving artist in Paris 🙂 that would be discovered of course and then make a living , that wasn’t a strong enough plan for my parents 🙂 so I then one day like it was meant to be was introduced to a guy in Sydney where I grew up that was a makeup artist for editorial  , he at that time was Australia’s number one I later found out   , it hit me right away that’s what i wanted to do , paint on faces just the canvas is not flat , this was exciting and I started that day on my mother I practiced on ever person I could , I had a very fast tracked career in Australia , from the day I pick those brushes up 6 months later I did my first vogue cover ! , I then did  9 after that and everything known to man in the Australian fashion and beauty market , two years later I packed my bags for nyc 🙂

-You are Dior’s International Beauty Expert. How did that begin?
I have been under contract for nearly 9 years with Dior each year gaining more experience with the brand and last year became the international beauty expert for them.

-Which Dior product do you swear by?
All of the nude line and all the Hydralife line, both these lines give the skin its youthful feeling and glow back to the skin. It’s a must to start with these two key products for me when preparing my canvas.

-A Beauty trend I’m loving is…
Metallic eyes with nude creamy lip colors, I’ve been using this for years, I just love the balance of the 2 textures on the face.

-Tips on how to get the perfect red lips like, for example, Chloe Sevigny?
The tips for red lips or orange for the daring , always apply liner first , outline the shape you need and fill in the whole lip with it, then the color has a base that will keep the color on longer and will stop bleeding around the lip line area.

-Tips on how to get the perfect bronzed look like Charlize Theron?
Always start with the key products then go in and use the bronzer with a large dusting brush on the outer part of the face then highlight with the metallic gold shimmer on the cheekbones to give that 3D look to the face with glow.

-Lastly, What are your thoughts on Fashion & Beauty blogs?
I think fashion and beauty blogs are amazing to get the word out about trends in new or existing products that can’t be reached from any other avenue. It’s great for the everyday woman to be able to pick up tips right from home.