EXCLUSIVE Interview with Designer, SHOSHANNA!

March 18
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I recently had the opportunity to interview Designer Shoshanna – The New York born designer. I love Shoshanna’s dresses & swimsuits! I spoke to Shoshanna about Partywear, inspirations and fashion blogs… For more on Shoshanna, check out her website.

-When did you realize your passion was design?
I was a young woman growing up in New York, with all the resources afforded to me and I couldn’t find clothing that made me feel good.  I knew I was not the only one out there and I think women really responded to that.  I know what women want because I am the customer.  I think about all different shapes and sizes when I design rather than one body type.  I offer an inclusive line rather than exclusive, and my customers really appreciate that. 
-You are the queen of dresses & its party season? what party wear advice would you give myfashdiary readers?
Have fun this holiday season and don’t be scared to experiment with your look! Full skirts feel really right. Add costume jewelry to an outfit to make it festive and fresh.  I love to add a little sparkle to my party looks with jewelry and accessories. 
-What inspires your designs?
I look to my mother she has such a great style and does it with such ease. For me, she is a true style icon and is my greatest source of inspiration. But really I could be inspired by anything, a photograph, the candy bins at the confectionary store, you never know where inspiration may hit you.
-What would you be if you weren’t a fashion designer?
The most important roles in my life are being a mother and wife.  I love spending all my extra time with my family!
-Favorite fashion city?
New York! I have lived here my whole life and absolutely love this city. New York is where my company is based and it is THE fashion city in my eyes!
-Do you read any fashion websites or blogs?
Yes, I am constantly reading up on fashion editorials.  I love to know what is new and exciting in the industry!
-What is next for Shoshanna?
I have always wanted to do accessories and am so excited to have launched my own fashion jewelry collection for QVC this year! It has been a dream of mine to do a jewelry line to complement my Shoshanna collection.  We just had the show for the holiday collection and I am having such a great time designing the accessories.  I would love to do a whole lifestyle brand from my point of view. Our company has been growing very organically since the beginning and I am excited to see where things will take us.
Any last words for readers?
Trust your instincts, have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment with your personal style!