Myfashdiary EXCLUSIVELY interviews Lady Gaga's Hairstylist, Charlie Le Mindu

February 1

Charlie Le Mindu, the man behind those fun Gaga hairstyles & has been in the press a lot lately as he just won the Visionary Award from On|Off. Charlie shows at London Fashion Week. Check out the exclusive interview below as I chat to him about Lady Gaga, his Selfridges windows and Fashion blogs! Also, do Look out for his new show on

How did your interest and career in Hair Styling begin?
It was because of my Barbies!
What has got to be the best part of your job?
To work with the best hair quality i can get for Hairdreams cos i love their hair !!!!
but also meeting the most fun people on earth is just very cool!
You’ve worked with Lady Gaga and Vogue – what has been your favorite experience so far?
i really love to work for music people ! i think its one of my favourite thing but i m doing selfridges windows and colette windows and i love doing this i just found out a new hobby
What hairstyling tip would you give to Myfashdiary readers?
the best conditioners is natural grease ! o yes !
What are the must-have hair products out in the market?
for hair extention the best for me is hairdreams product , or otherwise i love she uemura
What is the latest fashion hair trend in your eyes?
I’ll said wig and grunge is the best as it’s the most sexy !
Last, but not least – Do you read any fashion blogs?
anna trevelyan blog and TAST Twist A St Tropez blog