EXCLUSIVE Interview with Designer, RUPERT SANDERSON!

January 10
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-Hi Rupert! We are huge fans of your work here at when did you realize your passion was designing shoes?
I’d always been fascinated with the craft of making shoes. It wasn’t until about 15 years ago that I realised making shoes was what I actually wanted to do with my life. is based between London and Dubai. You were just in Dubai recently… What are your impressions of Middle-Eastern fashion?
I love the Middle East – there is so much culture and heritage and I find it reflects the way fashion is represented there.
-What are the inspirations behind your current collection?
For Spring Summer 2011, I was influenced by a number of things – from British artist Bridget Riley’s use of linear space to David Bowie’s album Aladdin Sane. Ancient paisley prints and the traditional methods of gold leafing were also interesting to me this season.
-Who is the Rupert Sanderson girl?
It varies from market to market but, to quote a cliché, we appeal to a woman of substance. This woman is not prepared to be led by the nose with the glossy, celeb-involved marketing of the big brands as she is a bit more considered.
-What would you be if you weren’t a shoe designer? I’m fascinated with stained glass, so maybe a stained glass maker? When I was a young boy I actually wanted to design boats, so possibly that.
-Favorite fashion city?
-Coffee or tea?
Tea. Although coffee in Italy.
-Do you read any fashion websites or blogs?
Of course I love myfashdiary. I read vogue and, but apart from that, not very much…
-Any last words for readers?
Don’t be afraid to take risks. And a very merry Christmas and happy new year to you all.

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