Myfashdiary's Makeover Party @ S*uce, Village Mall!

December 24

As you all might have remembered, I invited my Dubai based readers to a myfashdiary makeover party that took place at S*uce, Village Mall – I live-tweeted and posted twitpics (Thanks to my best friend Sasha, who took over myfashdiary’s twitter account that evening) Check out event pictures & a few of the readers I gave mini makeovers to… Thank you to S*uce & every single reader that attended!

This was what S*uce had to say about the event a day after:

Yesterday s*uce, Village Mall, played host (and dress-up!) with the ever-popular and lovely fashion blogger, Tala Samman, who held an event for her readers in Dubai. fans met and mingled with Tala and got some serious fashion advice and makeovers, while nibbling on blogger-inspired eclairs (we are so in love with those) and pink and yellow pomegranate lemonade.
S*uce, in the meantime, went all blog-crazy!! – snapping, uploading and tweeting away like a 13 year old at fashion week. Thanks to Tala and her inspirational blogging, s*uce is now proud to announce its own blog (, so you can find out more about what we’re doing/buying/styling/wearing.
Alltogethernow: YAAAYY!!!

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