EXCLUSIVE Interview with Supermodel, MELINA QUEREL!

November 9
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I recently interviewed Melina Querel, a supermodel that has rose to the top… Other than the fact that she’s gorgeous, stylish & ambitious… she started off in Dubai after winning a Burjuman contest. She has since worked with likes of Dsquared, and Zac Posen.

Hi Melina! This is very exciting because you started your modeling career in Dubai and you’ve now become a world-renowned supermodel! Please let myfashdiary readers know how it all all began.
 It all started with the Burjuman Model Hunt, a while back I was 13 years of age back then, my father had heard it on the radio so we decided to send in my pictures! Winning the competition made me realized that I like being on stage and shooting for fancy outfits even though I was a little tomboy back then. I career in Dubai didn’t to seem to move too much, but because of a woman I meet while shopping I was exposed to catwalk and a lot more. My father wanted to see how far I could go with modeling; he got informed online of the best modeling agencies and sent them my pictures, thinking who ever answers we might go with them. Amazingly they all answered saying they want to meet me one in Spain, one in Paris…the solution was to find a manager, finally we found Chantale Nadeau top mother agency in Canada who takes care of girls and places them around the world with the top agencies for them. That is when my career really started!

-What has been the best part of your career so far?
There is no best or worst! Yes you go through really hard times sometimes but when you truly love and are facinated by what your doing, at the end of the day everything is always amazing!

-any designers you would love to model for?

Not exactly I have already worked for most of the ones I love but for sure I would not mind working for them again!

-Any Models you admire?

Well it would sound sort of cheesy, but no I don’t admire them like a band that I love but I do like them as friends or love there work.

– As a Model, you must travel a lot – what has been your favorite city?

I love New York City and Milan; I love the vibe of the city, the movement and craziness! It’s beautiful, plus other then Milan there’s not a lot of places I can speak Italian!

-Because your part of the fashion industry & this is a fashion blog… Lets talk Fashion. How would you define your style?

Vintage everything!!!…I have a very artistic eye, I my self do a lot of painting and sketching, I love putting something a bit rebellious or trashy and mixing it with something simple and classy. I am a very black, red or earthy color person. I love floral and geometric/futuristic patterns with a touch of gold. My outfit always has at least; Buttons, a jacket, something leathery or dentals. A pair of converse, or army boots, and in my bag a killer pair of heels.

-5 essentials in your handbag?

My portfolio, a killer pair of heels, my cell phone, my Ipod, and a water bottle.

-you never leave home without…
All of the above…and my camera

-Coffee or tea? Green tea in my water bottle all the time; coffee is bad for you!

-Fashion Magazines or Fashion Blogs? Depends they have to be high fashion and edgy! Vogue US and Paris, ID, Numero… and I love

-What is next for Melina Querel? I never know, I have no plans, but for sure University in the history of arts and maybe photography!