Myfashdiary visits MODAHOUSE.COM

October 9

While I was in Dubai, I tweeted about very exciting visits & projects… one of them was my trip to the warehouse. The e-shopping site includes clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories from brands such as Christian Louboutin to Cavalli to Fendi to Dior… Home to the most varied & beautiful louboutins & handbags – I was in awe. I had the chance to check out everything they had in the warehouse, try them on and got shot for a little photoshoot! I was impressed by how you could purchase the most coveted items online at very good price points.

Some words from Saeed Al Zubaidi, CEO of,

“we have combined this opportunity with an online store model that makes cost and product offering one of its key components. Consider us your magic key to the online shopping world. Instead of trekking to your local outlet, hoping to bag a designer product close to the manufacturing price, stay at home and do it from your arm chair…”

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