Interview with Street Style Photographer... Vanessa Jackman!

September 28
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Questions I ALWAYS get is, “What is your favorite blog?” and “Which blogs do you look at regularly?” Well here it is, I am crazy about streetstyle blogs & one of the best ones around would have to be Vanessa Jackmans one. I have been lucky enough to be shot by the streetstyle queen twice already (can you spot me above?). I recently interviewed the very lovely Vanessa Jackman…

How did you get started with Photography?

When I moved to London, I picked up my husband’s little Fuji FinePix 2MP point and shoot camera and started messing around with it. Before then I had never really been interested in taking photographs and if I did take snap shots of my friends at parties, I was always chopping arms, heads, off etc. Eventually I joined the photo-sharing website Flickr, and started doing the “100 Strangers” project in December 2007. It was the first time I had ever photographed people I didn’t know and in the beginning I was completely and utterly terrified. The thought of approaching a random stranger on the street and asking if I could take their photo went way beyond my comfort zone. However, I persevered and the project built up my confidence in approaching strangers of all ages and backgrounds, and gradually I started to learn more about light, composition, my DSLR camera settings (I upgraded from the Fuji) and post-production techniques. I have always loved fashion and style, however, and moved into shooting street style images in March 2009. I absolutely love photographing (and meeting) new people and street style photography gives me the excuse to do that every day! I have met the most wonderful, interesting, gorgeous people through my blog and on the streets, and I feel so grateful that I am doing something that I adore.

You always photograph the most stylish women. What makes you want to photograph the people you photograph?

It’s a combination of things: what someone is wearing, maybe their smile, or freckles or the way they walk, laugh or hold themselves. It is very,very rarely purely about the clothes. My passion is portraits- people’s faces- and I find myself increasingly drawn to taking those types of photographs. 

 What has been the most exciting part of your job?

Definitely the travel and getting to photograph (however briefly!) women I had only ever seen in magazines before like Anna (both of them!) and Carine. However mostly I just love being able to photograph all the super nice, super cool girls I meet during fashion weeks, some of whom have now become my friends.

Who do you hope to photograph in this upcoming Fashion Week?

I never really have an agenda of who I want to photograph- I just turn up with my camera and take photos of girls who I think look great and have something a little special about them. 


What’s next for Vanessa Jackman?

Gosh, I have so many hopes and dreams for the future but I don’t want to say just in case I jinx myself! So I guess I just want to keep on improving my photography which means getting out and shooting as often as possible. And lots more travel- there are so many places still on my “must-visit” list!