Trend Report: Futuristic Warrior

February 5

Think ancient Rome, where a Gladiator fights other warriors wearing golds and thick metals. Picture his suede tasseled sandals made of soft felted fabrics. Now imagine yourself on a warm day in golds, tans, yellows and bronze undertones cut and shaped in for a summers v-necks and high waist shorts. If not these colors then focus on the textures. Studs and leathers paired with sheers and even snake skin.

Now fast forward to a new millennium where futuristic turtle necks and geometric dresses are ‘en vogue’. Don’t think about the lilac and baby blue undertones that make a star trek costume. Instead, focus on the different shapes of the outfits. Sharp shoulders, symmetrical patterns and statement accessories are some of the things you will notice.

This travel through time and space epitomizes a major trend in seen on the s/s ’10 runway: The Futuristic Warrior look. Look for inspiration from the Balmain shows. Pair up a sequenced gold dress with a thick black belt. For a dress down look, think about your old khaki shorts a black tee with bold necklaces and thick bracelets. 

By Tala Odeh Contributor 

Photo: Fashionising