5 things I love about LCF

February 18

You might have or might’ve not known.. but I’m a fashion student at the London College of Fashion. I always get emails from my readers asking me about the University…
I wanted to clarify this to all my readers, This blog has nothing to do with LCF… I will sometimes post on things I’ve done or written on, but this blog is purely interest based. 🙂
I love LCF, but if you think its all fun and easy.. your mistaken – it’s lots of work. I’ve practically given up my social life. But here’s 5 things why i LOVE LCF!

1. Every tutor/lecturer has either been quite prominent in the industry or is currently working within the fashion industry.
2. The best fashion Library ever exists at LCF
3. Whatever degree you study, you’ll be taught other subjects in order to become multitalented by the time you graduate.
4. International set of students.
5. A very impressive Alumni list.