Fashion Link: Not just a Label

January 15

One thing I love is browsing through unknown designer’s goods that have very creative designs. One e-commerce fashion boutique I love right now is Not just a label.

About ‘Not just a Label’ :

NOT JUST A LABEL gives birth to a new kind of shopping experience offering unique and rare designer garments. Addicts and admirers alike now have the opportunity to purchase special and limited edition pieces from designers recognised as the leaders in avant-garde fashion.

THE SHOP is a fresh online concept providing access to unobtainable designer pieces from a wide selection of fashion brands. After extensive market research and a finger on the design-pulse, we are convinced today’s consumer is on the hunt for individualism in fashion. THE SHOP was launched in May 2009 and offers the most sought after pieces from more than 2,000 designers around the world. Every now and then we also invite a new celebrity or key industry figure to join us in the selection process, resulting in a different and unique collection.