Fashion Game: Style Boutique

January 7

Ok, i need to get a nintendo right now.  Eid present anyone?

I mean.. ok il admit, i was obsessed with my gameboy, played a little bit of mario and a little bit of counter strike. But those days are gone. Can’t remember the last time I played a video game.. and now I’m dying to.

Read about this new nintendo game :

“Style Boutique challenges you to run your own fashion store as a style consultant, hand-pick your own stock, take part in Fashion Contests, choose new clothes from the online shop and even play against other consultants with multiplayer mode. Working your way up from shop assistant in a store, you can offer clothing advice and outfits for customers.  With each customer having their own style and personality, you need to choose their clothes carefully to make a successful sale.
Soon you’ll be the owner of your own store and using your creativity to style the mannequins, dictate the atmosphere by choosing the interior and music, create promotional Mailouts and decide when to hold sales. Each sale brings extra funds into the store enabling you to buy more stock.
With invites to Fashion Contests in the Contest Hall appearing regularly in your diary, you can keep up with the latest fashion trends.  Visit the Exhibition Hall where you can choose from over 10,000 items from 16 different brands and styles to place in your store in order to create the season’s ‘must-have’ trend.  But remember, becoming a boutique owner requires great dedication, careful planning and hard work – get the right stock right otherwise you’ll be out of business.”

I need this.