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April 8

Tech: Lumee
I’ve been using Lumees since I discovered it a couple of years ago. Since then, the brand has become a lot bigger and other brands have been following suit (I’ve dabbled with a couple, and the Lumee still wins). Not only does it work as the most durable phone cover (it has protected my phone from endless falls), it gives you the best light on a night out. I personally have the duo, which has a light on both sides. The picture above was taken on my iPhone 7 plus Lumee case in dim lighting. To shop, click here

Restaurant: New Shanghai at The Dubai Mall
If there is one cuisine I will always constantly crave (other than Thai food), it’s modern Chinese food. I was super excited to hear about New Shanghai having just opened a few weeks ago at The Dubai Mall – basement level, right by Eataly. A chain from Australia and Shanghai, the space is actually gorgeous, the dishes are incredibly affordable and actually really good, which is usually not the case when it comes to affordable restaurants these days. My favorite dishes included the sweet corn soup (which comes with chicken), the dumplings (they make them fresh in-house), the sweet and sour chicken, Kung pao chicken and the rainbow beef (crispy and flavorful). They could have had more of a selection when it came to dessert, but definitely heading back.


Lens Position: 2145


Music: Bose Soundlink Micro
When it comes to headphones and speakers, the ones I never switch up are Bose. The wireless headphones I got last year are with me whenever I’m working out or traveling. I recently got my hands on the soundlink micro to do the job when I can’t use bigger speakers, and I must say I was incredibly impressed. Comes in 3 color ways – black, navy and orange (I have that one), the speakers fit in one hand, are waterproof, have a strap you can attach to backpacks or bikes – and the highlight of it all, was the sound. The custom-designed transducer reproduces sound better than any speaker of its size.

Weekend: Check out my guide on The Huntr here. I’ve joined the site as Music and nightlife editor.

  • Kayla Stone

    yummmm! That food looks amazing. And now im hungry

  • Rosslyn Dougherty

    I’m taking note of those speakers! I’m always on the lookout for some good quality sounding headphones. Also your lumee selfies are gorgeous!!

  • Chloe Reshetar-Jost

    This food looks SO good! I always have a hard time getting photos of my food to look like more than just a mound, and you did a fantastic job! Love!

  • Paulbcuz B

    Those Bose speakers always pack a punch no matter what size! Definitely a reliable brand when it comes to speakers.

  • Jenny Yang

    omg that food is making me drool!
    xx jen

  • Katie

    The egg rolls though…your food pictures came out wonderfully!

  • dealingwithbeauty

    I never been in Dubai before , but i heard that it is amazing, the food look wonderful.

  • Kate ChinaOriginals

    Wow very nice post

  • Mary

    I love the Lumee cases! My friend has one and she loves it so much. Wish the food came with the case!

  • Winnie Fu

    I’m obsessed with my lumee case too!

  • Bella Schenk

    The food looks delicious, but that Bose speaker looks better! I really need a new speaker bc I keep using my roommate’s. I also need that Lumee case! Two things to add to my list of wants!

  • Luke Zeman

    Oh my god that food looks so amazing…I’m drooling now, thanks! Also that Lumee case works wonders, mine never leaves my phone

  • John Messick

    I want that food so bad omg. I love Lumee cases, the lighting they help with makes such a big difference

  • Hannah Cavanaugh

    I wasn’t hungry until I read this post, omg! And Lumee cases are amazing they make anything or anyone look amazing no matter what the lighting.

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