My Fashion Highlight in 2021: A Rolling Makeup Box

September 25

Keeping a pretty look at all times is the ultimate pursue of many girls, but it is also a matter that requires a lot of thought and time. We all know that beauty comes at a price and needs to be built and created. In consequence, there must be various cosmetics you need to use on the way to become more pretty. You do need a sidekick around to contain your colorful makeups when you are on a trip. That’s right, the sidekick means a functional and practical makeup box.



Maybe you’ve had no idea about how to choose a decent makeup box before reading this post. Now, let me share my fashion highlights of this year to give you some references.

1. Determine Your Individual Needs

Don’t purchase and follow the trend blindly.

You should know if you do need it at first. If you are not a makeup lover and don’t need to wear makeup frequently, I think the Rolling Makeup Box is not too essential for you. But if you are a beauty lover or do some jobs on beauty-created, to own a makeup trolley is decent and worthy.

A beauty’s makeup bag will contain more items than you can imagine. I’ll list some of them to show below, try to find if there are some makeup stuff you commonly use inside.

Basic skincare (prerequisite): moisturizer, essence, eye cream, sun cream, sheet masks, etc.

Makeup products (modify): foundation, BB cream, powder, mascara, brow gel, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, concealer, blush, highlighter, etc.

Other toiletries (accessory): nail polish, makeup brush, eyebrow trimmer, eyelash curler, comb, hair curler, mirror, etc.

These multiple makeup items may spill if they are not stored properly. As a result, the first step to choose the right makeup box is to make sure the number of your cosmetics. The makeup trolley provides spacious and ample space for you to pack up a large number of makeups. With a lot of cosmetics, you must have trouble in moving around, especially going on a lengthier trip.

2. How To Select A Decent Cosmetic Organizer Box?

If the above situations you met, I’m going to recommend this type of traveling makeup train box.

This heavy-duty 3-in-1 Traveling Makeup Trolley is my favorite fashion item this year. The high-end appearance of it attracts me at first. Constructed of high-quality aluminum in solid structure with max load capacity up to 30 kg / 66 lb. It contains 2 compartments and 1 middle tray for organizing and storing different sizes and shapes of toiletry and jewelry in order.

You may find this a little big for you when you’re not going out for a long time. Don’t worry about it. The detachable design allows its upper case to be used and carried separately to meet your other needs. With 4 universal wheels, this rolling makeup box features smooth and quiet mobility, the thoughtfully lockable design adds more insurance for your valuable essentials. Very multifunctional, right?

3. How To Compare The Rolling Makeup Train Box With A Vanity Case?

Don’t be afraid of the heavy weight and the big size of the above makeup trolley. We are all slim and fragile girls after all. Moreover, you don’t need to take all of the makeup outside unless you’re a makeup artist or other professional. You can simply choose a vanity case that is not too heavy but still has ample space to store. With a modern and elegant appearance, this small-sized multi-functional cosmetic case can also be used for commonly used gadgets, which include 4 extendable trays for organizing different sizes and shapes toiletry and other makeup tools neat and in order.

Believe in me, all of these styles beside you will highlight your fashion sense, especially with a chic outfit or a stylish suit, you will be definitely eye-catching in the crowd!

4. When And Where Do You Need A Rolling Makeup Train Box?

I remember the first time I’ve seen this type of traveling makeup case is on my sister’s wedding site, the owner is a pretty young lady who is the bride dresser that day. The high-end and professional makeup case attracted me a lot.

Well, as far as I’m concerned, the rolling makeup train box will come in handy and be a great sidekick whenever I go for a long personal journey or a business trip.

For a professional makeup artist, hairstylist, makeup blogger or somebody who works in the beauty-related industry, holding a rolling makeup train box is not only a must-have but also a fashionable item to highlight your taste. It will appear frequently in these settings, such as beauty salon, hair salon, dressing room, media studio, film site, etc.

If you are a general office lady or company staff, this traveling makeup case will provide much more space for you during the long-distance business/personal trip to store your work/life supplies other than makeups and wash supplies, like minute books, pens, files, magazines, tissues, etc.

Don’t hesitate anymore, with a rolling makeup train case, everywhere you go will be accompanied by beauty and fashion.

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