First Visit To Kolkata: Here Is What You Should Know

February 10

The city of joy is famous for a lot of things starting from its mouthwatering cuisine to its Victorian-era architectural buildings. But what are the most attractive things about this bustling city in Bengal? It is its charm, the way the city makes you feel almost like you are living in the past and the future simultaneously. Here, you can take a tram ride and the new advanced metrowithin the same hour.

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How To Travel In Kolkata?

Kolkata is located in the eastern part of India and is very well connected in respect of transport means. You could either take a flight, train, car or even opt for a convenient mode of water transportation like a cruise ship. Aviation companies such as Emirates airlines have flights to Kolkata from almost every continent across the globe.

Where To Exchange Currency?

If you are traveling via flights such as Emirates airlines from a foreign country, you may convert your currency into Indian Rupees at the airport upon reaching Kolkata. And apart from that, there are several licensed currency converters throughout the city for convenience of tourists.

How To Get Around?

When in town, one can opt to travel via reserved car. But to truly enjoy the charm of the city be adventurous and try out the tram, autos, ferries, and infamous minibusses to get around the city.

Attractions In Kolkata

Kolkata was the Capital of Colonized India for several decades, therefore leaving behind stunning Victorian-era architecture like The Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, and The Indian Museum just to name a few.

Adventure Activities In Kolkata

For those looking for adventure, make sure to pay a visit to the Eco Park and the Nicco park to get your dose of thrill when in Kolkata. You can maybe even visit the waterparks and take a hand rowed boat across the river Ganga.

Kolkata Famous Cuisine

Bengali cuisine is famous for its sweets across the globe but the savory items originating in Bengal are to die for as well not to mention the street food like phuchka, jhaal-muri, and ghugni that would make you keep coming back for more. Airlines such as  Emirates airlines also serve Bengali food and sweets on board.

Shopping Places In Kolkata

The New Market and the Gariahat area are the shopping areas that are known for the wide variety of items, available starting from clothes to imported electronic goods. Spend a day walking through these shopping districts. Also, make sure to check out the famous malls of the city to quench your thirst for shopping.

Religious Places In Kolkata

There are several beautiful temples, mosques, and churches for you to visit when in town, such as The Birla Mandir, the holy river Ganga, Dakhineshwar temple, and St Paul’s Cathedral. You can visit any or all of these places to offer your prayers.

Festival Celebration Of Kolkata

The Bengali community, the people, and the entire city of Kolkata celebrates all the festivals of every religion with equal enthusiasm, be it the week-long Durga Puja celebration, Bengal is famous for or the lighting and celebration of Christmas at park street, or even the beautiful prayer offerings and celebrations during eid.

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Where To Stay In Kolkata?

There is no lack of five-star resorts in Kolkata for those seeking luxury, other than that there are numerous local hotels, homestays, and guest houses for you to choose from as your stay while in the city.

If you wish to visit the city of joy, do not give any second thoughts. Book your flights to Kolkata right away and have a great time.

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