All You Need To Know Before Visiting Kuwait

October 10

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Kuwait is a rich country of Western Asia, which is mainly famous for its huge natural oil reserves. However, it is also a tourist destination, mainly at the time of carnivals and other cultural events.

How to travel to Kuwait

Kuwait Airways is the national carrier of Kuwait, which operates regular flights to different cities in the world. Jazeera Airways is a private airline of the Middle East that operates many flights to and from Kuwait International Airport. There are also many other airlines, like Gulf Air, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Etihad Airways that conduct direct or indirect flights to Kuwait. Hence, it is quite easy to book flight tickets online for any scheduled date.

Tourist visas for travel to Kuwait

Foreigners need to get tourist visas for visiting Kuwait. Now, e-visa is issued by the State of Kuwait, with which a tourist can stay for a maximum of 3 months in this country. People can apply online for a tourist visa, which takes 3 – 4 days for processing. A Visit visa is also available that takes 6 – 7 days for processing and a person can stay for 1 month in Kuwait with this visa. If a relative living in Kuwait or a Kuwaiti company sponsors the tour, it becomes much easier to get the visa.

Identify the cheapest day to fly out

Like all other international flights, the cheapest days to fly to Kuwait are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Tourists can find cheap air tickets also on Mondays and Thursdays. However, February is known as the cheapest month for visiting Kuwait. There are some websites that have online tools for finding the cheapest flight at a given time.

Befriend budget airlines
Various airlines offer very cheap flight tickets to Kuwait, among which Kuwait Airlines, FlyDubai, and Air India are very popular. FlyDubai flight booking is very simple for tourists, which can be done through the website of this airline and also on the websites of some renowned travel agencies.

Key Facts about Kuwait

The majority of Kuwait’s population comprises people whose ancestors migrated from other countries, like India, Egypt, Pakistan, Syria, Iran, Palestine, the Philippines, and Turkey. The oil reserve of Kuwait is the sixth largest in the world and it produces 8% of the world’s natural oil. Kuwaiti Dinar is known to have the highest currency value among currencies of all other countries. The word ‘Kuwait’ is taken from the Arabic language, which means ‘fort’.

Key Information to Keep in Mind When Visiting Kuwait

Tourists should not carry any alcoholic beverage, drugs, or pork items while visiting Kuwait. Road safety is the least in Kuwait and thus, tourists should not try to drive here. The traffic is also too heavy on roads here, which tourists need to bear with. Tourists are also expected to obey local laws and social norms.

Religious Respect in Kuwait

Most of the Kuwaiti population comprises of Muslims, among which Sunni Muslims have a majority over the Shias. However, there are also people following Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Hence, there is absolute religious freedom and respect for all religions in Kuwait.

Respect the Local Laws and Culture

Tourists should not carry any pornographic material or anything that is considered illegal in Kuwait. They should not display affection in public and acts, like kissing or hugging in front of others are not desirable. Tourists should dress in a conservative manner, avoiding short or too tight clothing, mainly for women.

Food culture in Kuwait

Due to the influence of mixed cultures, Kuwaiti cuisine exhibits a perfect fusion of Arabian, Mediterranean, Persian, and Indian cuisines. Tourists enjoy the delicious taste of Khubz, which is a flatbread served with a fish sauce called Mahyawa. They also love to eat Machboos, a rice preparation with mutton or chicken.

Places to Visit in Kuwait

The most prominent places for sightseeing are Kuwait Towers, The Liberation Towers, Al Kout Beach, Failaka Island, Doha Village, National Museum, Grand Mosque, The Mirror House, Kuwait Zoo, Dhow Harbor, Sadu House, and Kubbar Island. They can go for shopping in The 360 Mall and Souk-Al-Mubarakiya. Kids enjoy KidZania, Little Jungle, Aqua Park, and Magic Planet Kuwait.

Where to stay in Kuwait

Tourists find hotel accommodation quite costly in Kuwait, where basic room charge starts from $385 per night in good hotels. 5-star luxury hotels are however more expensive but offer all amenities of comfort for guests.

Hence, a visit to Kuwait can be a lifetime memory for any passionate traveler, due to the warm behavior of local people.

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