Five Favorite Beauty Buys - July 2015

July 28

Gel eye patch: Eyeko Hydrogel Eye Patch

These days I have barely been getting sleep which really takes a toll on my skin. For those deadly mornings, those Eyeko (a London based brand) Hydrogel eye patches are little miracles. Infused with ingredients such as, orange, lemon, apple and grape, 4 sachets in a box, they help with waking you up – the cooling effect feels lovely as well as helps with puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

Eye: La Mer Illuminating Eye Gel

When you’re under stress or little sleep, the first place you see this on the face is on the eyes – dark circles and puffiness. The illuminating eye gel by La Mer helps with that. You might discard this because it’s a pricy product but there’s been a whole lot of rave around this product that I decided to get my hands on it to try it on for myself. It’s a very light gel that really does help with illuminating the under eyes to remove any puffiness or dark eye circles. You can also mix it with your concealer if you’ve had very little sleep.

Spray tan: Mr Spray Tan

If you’re not big on getting tans at the beach, don’t get the perfect bronze or want to top up an incredible tan – this is my new favourite spray tan brand, Mr Spray Tan. Founded by the daughter of Nail Station’s owner, the brand have a professional spray tan service at Nailstation as well as bottles on the go. The shade is that perfect natural looking bronze glow and sticks to your skin up to a week (all you have to do is avoid taking a shower for four hours). I am addicted, and can’t do any other spray tan at the moment.

Fragrance: Michael Kors White

I love Michael Kors fragrances, and really loving his new limited edition one for the Summer, White. Smells very similar to the classic and a strong tuberose gardenia scent, whilst being a little lighter and fresher for SS15.

Hair: Oribe Split End Seal

Now besides this point, I wouldn’t say this product would work as a solution to your split ends – You still need regular trims, a good mask, oil on the ends, and salon treatments but this is a great temporary solution for those ends. There’s nothing worse than the feeling or dried ends and unconsciously breaking off split ends. This product by Oribe, smells so good and really helps with dried ends and split ends (with the polymers helping them bond together), as well as having a UV protection for coloured hair.