October 27

This year is a very special one for Five years ago, I was playing around with and started myfashdiary as a little online diary to share all my little fashion experiences with all my friends. Blogs didn’t exist then, nor did I think I’d have more than 5 people reading the blog (those 5 included my best friend, sister, mother, father and myself.) Five years later, through an amazing journey learning so much – I can proudly say I’m running as my full time job and have worked with brands I grew up admiring as well as being a consumer of. The site has also turned into a lifestyle destination to stylish women rather than just a fashion blog I initially started with.

To celebrate the launch, I’ve revamped the site and changed up the logo (by the same previous designer – the talented, Natasha Maqsood) AND asked my favourite designers and talents to wish the site a happy birthday! (Check them out above)

Thank you to everyone that has been a part of myfashdiary’s journey as well as all the support of brands, PRs and my family. All I can say is… Stay tuned for more interesting content and more exciting projects.

Tala Samman