Highlights of the month: Clarisonic, Biryani Pot & Maserati Ghibli.

August 30

Car: Maserati Ghibli

Less than a month ago, I gave up my mini cooper for a week of driving a beautiful blue 2014 Maserati Ghibli. The brand is by the same company as Ferrari (which my parents are loyal fans of) and the model was a great way to enter the sports car market – it’s the entry level of Maserati and is possibly their most popular amongst women. There were several things I loved in this luxurious car that I thought I would highlight, but before I do – I will mention that this beauty had gorgeous red interiors – the perfect contrast to the blue exteriors.


-Keyless entry (a lot of cars are starting to have this feature, which I love)

-It generally was such an easy car to drive, always a plus for the ladies.

-The luxe, sports feel of the car

-Spacious, yet compact (The Quattroporte is too long for my liking, I prefer the Ghibli!)

-Maserati Stability Program: For those of you who aren’t aware of this – The MSP ‘uses a wide array of sensors to detect any need to intervene on the driver’s behalf’ whether it is to stop the wheel locking up when braking, distributing braking force, stopping the wheel from spinning in low-grip situations, uses a variety of sensors to recognise energy braking situations and increase the pressure in the braking circuit. I loved the fact that the wheel was generally smooth, but when the speed increased, it got more stiff for safety.

-Strong sensors

-High music base

-Digital screen to monitor the radio, navigator, phone, and climate. High tech program to control everything on the screen.

-Men would probably appreciate this more – the sport mode for the sound and drive.

Not much to complain about except for the gear being slightly complicated to shift through, and the rearview visibility wasn’t the best.


Weekend plan: Bounce

If you follow me on instagram, you would’ve seen that I was recently at Bounce (a little too often) – a warehouse of trampolines! When I heard they were opening up a few months ago, I was ecstatic. Growing up, I used to go to Safa Park and jump on their trampolines.  When I’m in Chicago (my hometown), I go to trampolining centres to jump and I must say, Bounce is on another level. Situated in Al Quoz, the space is large and has several sections from their free jumps, basketball hoops section, dodge ball field to their air bag jumps and walking wall. Great music, fab energy, they also have a cafe upstairs to keep you hydrated and your sugar (energy) levels up! You also get to keep their cool colourful grippy striped socks as a souvenir (and if you’re a Barre fitness addict, these are perfect for your barre class!) Perfect for the adults at heart, and of course the mommies & daddies for a family day out with the kids.

Indian Food: Biryani Pot

A new Indian restaurant promoting healthy Indian food opened up closely to where I live in Jumeirah and decided to give to a try for a family iftar at home. I was in love with their packaging – quite modern for traditional Indian food. We ordered a mix of dishes from Naan, Biryani (they have choices from Lamb to prawn), Butter Chicken and desserts such as Gulab Jamun and Rasmalai – We even got adorable mini jars of Mango chutney! They offer Gluten free, cholesterol free and vegetarian options of your favourite traditional dishes – but don’t be fooled… you can still find the traditional non-healthy dishes.

Beauty: Clarisonic Aria

I’m all for cleansing gadgets if they make a difference. When I travel, I carry my Luna but when I’m back home – I love my Clarisonic. I got my hands on a pink Clarisonic Aria – Advanced sonic cleansing that is incredibly easy to charge and all you need is some cleanser and the clarisonic cleans your face till it’s squeaky clean (it really revolutionised the use of a cleanser). The sonic cleansing waves deep cleanse the skin and the pores in a delicate form allowing serums and products to absorb better – so you sleep with clean skin, and feel the full effect of the skincare products. A must buy.


Hair: Philips ActiveCare Jojoba Straightener 

Two years ago, I gave up over styling my hair, and now that I’ve got Ombre colour in my hair – the last thing I want is to damage my hair even more. I’ve recently started using Philips ActiveCare’s Jojoba straightener, which I’m really enjoying. It does the job, but it also damages less. The ceramic plates are infused with Jojoba Oil (an oil treatment at home, you need heat for it to seep through the hair!), the ionic care adds a great finishing shine. Highly recommend this if you’re looking for your next straightener or styling tool to buy. The straightener costs AED299 and is available at all major hypermarkets and electronic retail stores.

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