March 2014 Highlights!

March 25

Nail Art: Dubai World Cup nails

It’s no secret I love my nail art. One of my favourite nail salons, The Nail Spa have come out with a world cup nail art design that I recently got done. The base coat is a pure white – Essie’s Blanc with lines of black of bronze on a few nails, an illustration of a horse shoe and best of all – a hand drawn illustration of a horse. You can go all out with the full design, or I suggest getting your nails painted white with a hand drawn horse on your ring finger. Don’t forget to ask for Che at The Nail Spa in Mercato!

Art: Sikka Art Fair, Dubai

I must say I have been so so so impressed with the Culture & Arts scene in Dubai. This year, for a change I took time out to check out what was happening around the city. My favourite would have to be Sikka Art Fair – can’t believe this is the first year (this is their 4th year!) I’ve checked out the fair. The art fair took place for 10 days this month at the historical neighbourhood, Bastakiya in Bur Dubai was curated into different sections by artists in the UAE- from textures, types of arts all the way to Music composition. Mommies, this is also great for kids – they had several free workshops every day – puppet workshops for kids to calligraphy and book binding for the adults. This is one to never miss out on. Great job Dubai Culture & Arts!

Beauty: Riri X MAC Cosmetics Holiday Collection

This seems to be Rihanna’s last collection for MAC, but must say it’s my favourite one especially the bronze packaging! The holiday collection was lighter than the last one – more bronze and warm hues. My picks included the Riri Woo (Rihanna’s take on Ruby Woo), the cocoa pad eyeshadow palette (which is perfect for a light brown/bronze smokey), and the bronze powder with gold pigments.

Coffee: Spill the Bean, Sunset Mall Dubai

Being a coffee drinker, I recently discovered this new hang out at Sunset Mall that you must check out. Focused on brewing single origin coffees, the coffee haunt are all about quality coffee and healthy eats. They serve breakfasts, and have snacks such as whole wheat sandwiches, gluten-free cakes and healthy snacks. If you’re a coffee lover, this is the place for you – Ola, the founder changes up the menu quite regularly as well as adding different kinds of coffee cultures every months from Colombia, Peru to Mexico, Guatemala and Ethiopia.

If you have a sweet tooth like me and enjoy cafe lattes, order the Colombian beans latte (you won’t be disappointed!) If you’re not a coffee drinker – no worries… they have a ‘Not just coffee’ section!

Juices: Essentially Pressed juices

I’ve been a huge fan of pressed juices since I first tried one at pressed juicery in LA and got addicted. Pressed juices give you more nutrients than your typical juices due to the fact that it keeps all the vitamins and minerals in when compressed and kept very cool. Essentially, who make one of the best pressed juices in our region have just launched new programs and I tried their ‘Glow getter’ for a fresh and youthful glow (which are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to fight off free radicals as well as ageing and removes dullness) and a ‘We are Family’ package which includes drinks for the full family. With that, they launched their Apple lemonade, which joins my favourites PAM – Pineapple, apple, mint and Spicy Lemonade which is lemonade and cayenne pepper. The Apple Lemonade is a mix of Ginger, Apple, and Lemon. To get your hands on the cleanses, visit them on or at Ripe Market on Fridays at Safa Park.

Event: Taste of Dubai

I can’t believe Taste of Dubai, Dubai’s food festival has been running for 7 years and I only got round to checking it out. I went on a father daughter date to the festival and I must say, I will definitely be visiting it for the next years to come. The ultimate weekend plan for foodies, a great way to discover restaurants around the city and as cheesy as it sounds, an experience that you’ll keep. The event which goes on all day features a range of stalls with restaurants like Gaucho all the way to PF changs, and desserts from Magnolia’s Bakery to Rice Creamery, you can cool down with Pinkberry or get your buzz from the Cafe Nero coffee lounge. They also have activities during the event with cooking live shows. Ladies, don’t miss out on it next year…

Watches: Daniel Wellington

I’m not a big watch wearer but I recently came across Watch brand, Daniel Wellington. Great gift ideas – SImple, luxe, high quality and affordable. For the full selection, click here.


Movies: Wolf of Wall street, American Hustle, The Counselor & Captain Philips

I’m a movie fanatic, and other than the the movies I recommended from the Dubai International film festival, I’ve seen some really, really good movies over the past few months that I highly recommend you check out.

Wolf of wall street, American hustle, The counselor, and Captain Philips.

Food Delivery:

When I’m craving food in Dubai, I always struggle to think outside the box with food delivery so I automatically go with the typical McDonald’s or Hardees option. I recently started using, started by a Turkish Entrepreneur in Dubai. You can narrow done your options by selecting your area and cuisine you’re craving, a site super easy to use and you get a view of their menu as well as do everything online. Saves on the call wait time and getting orders wrong within miscommunication. PS you can find some great deals on the site (I was able to order Circle cafe with a discount after 3pm) and you don’t get charged any extras. Add this to your bookmark!

Health: Jawbone

It’s amazing by how much we can get out of our apps. I just started wearing a Jawbone band, and will have to continue wearing it. A health monitoring device that records everything – From sleep to exercise and then synchs it into your iPhone, or smart phone. A great way to push yourself and upgrade your fitness levels. The band tracks movement, distance, the calories burned and your sleeping patterns. You are also able to set goals and work towards them. They come in fun colours and are water proof.

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