Snack Round up: August 2012

August 7

My snack round up for the month of August, sorry for the ‘fast’ers – I’m fasting too!

Here goes… let’s start with the healthiest?

Urban Fruit
I love snacking on fruit (including dried fruit!) but I do have to limit myself to a bag of dried fruit due to sugar that is added (double sugar!) but I recently came across Urban Fruit which includes a range of baked fruit that haven’t had anything added to it. Pure fruit baked at a low temperature!

The packaging is super fun too! My favorites include Pineapple, strawberry and Raspberry!

Tasty Little Numbers by Jo Beach
I always find it hard if I need something I can eat on my desk that feels like real food (as opposed to the regular pret sandwiches), yet still be healthy and delicious. I’m not a fan of the frozen food available at supermarkets as judging by the ones I have had, they aren’t as tasty, and are high in fat anyways. I recently discovered those cute pots by a Fashion, Food & health lover, Jo Beach that all don’t reach the 300 calorie point, and are delicious food that can just be kept in the fridge till lunch time!

My favorites include:
-Sicilian chicken pasta: lovely pasta with chicken, and butternut squash topped with rich fresh tomato sauce.
-Red Thai chicken coconut curry: Let’s just say… one of the best curries I’ve had.

Brownie Heaven (literally.)

I recently discovered a website called Brownie Heaven and had to try out their Brownies… The site is easy to use, easy to order from. I ended up ordering Blondies (as I’ve never tried them before and was intrigued and dark belgian brownies.) Wow, were they good… They were moist, rich, fudgy, satisfying *drool*

My favorite was the dark belgian – best brownie I’ve ever had in my life. cake crust with super moist fudge in the middle!


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