Snack Round up: June 2012

June 19

As a snack lover, I constantly love picking up different ones whilst out and about and checking it different drinks/savoury/sweet snacks. Here are a few of my faves this month in a round up. For all food features, click here

Peter Popples Popcorn:

Airpopped, natural flavors and ingredients – around 80 calories per bag which is a great snack 🙂 My favorite was Golden Syrup – which tasted like Maple syrup flavored popcorn (yum!!)

Tea Time perfection… Kent & Fraser:

I recently discovered a brand of Kent & Fraser and ended up trying out their biscuits and shortbread. It’s always hard to find some great high quality ones out in the stores and this brand is just perfect. I tried three products – The Lemon Butter shortbread, Spicy Ginger crunch & Stilton and Walnut biscuits.

My favorite was the Lemon Butter shortbread! Perfectly made shortbread – rich, flavorful and love the lemon curd flavor. I need to try the Vanilla and Walnut shortbread and Rich chocolate butter crunch, which sound fab!

Detox in a bottle… Together Detox Drinks:

I recently discovered Together drinks and stocked up my fridge with them this Summer. They have 4 different types – Multivitamin (pomegranate and apple juice), Energy (Goji berry, Mango and passionfruit juice), Detox (Aloe Vera, apple and blueberry juice), Age Defence (acai berry, cherry and grape juice). I love them for energy pick-me-ups – delicious and give me energy boosts, with multi vits, great ingredients and minerals. My favorite one is the Energy – Mango & Passionfruit is my perfect mix…


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