MySnackDiary: FRAE

March 10

I’m a sucker for Frozen yogurt (it is really one of the very few ‘healthy’ snacks I actually like too. I love trying out new froyo places and feel like every one is different – some are creamier, some have cooler toppings, some are sweeter – haven’t come across any two fro yos that taste the exact same. I recently popped over to FRAE Notting Hill to try out their yogurt. As it was an evening snack and I was craving chocolates – I went for brownies & coconut shavings… yum! Good Froyo, great toppings, and an even cooler store (love the collage and wooden interiors!) oh and it’s 100% fat-free 🙂

FRAE has taken over London – so check out for their other stores and stands here

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