A look at... The Chanel Numéros Privés Exhibition, Dubai!

March 1


I was recently down in Dubai for a few reasons in Feb – one – I was hosting an event and styling for Saks, two- live in a Chanel dream. (oh, and somehow that week ended up having 100,979,087 other things I had to do) well, back to the Chanel dream… I was seriously Chanel-ified.  It was held at The Pavilion Downtown Dubai and was an invitation-only event with a select crowd to take a walk through the Chanel world (which included 11 spaces which each had their unique Chanel design that took you through the journey!)

Thank you Chanel for the amazing few days…

Highlights of my Chanel weekend:

1) I was dressed by Chanel for the big party!
2) I attended a formal dinner at the space
3) I attended a young girls brunch at the space
4) I attended the big chanel party on the last night (rushed from the party to the airport!)
5) I had an exclusive shoot with Harpers Bazaar Arabia at the exhibition as a Chanel girl
6) I was one of the exclusive bloggers to photograph the exhibition – there were strict bodyguards around!
7) Last but not least… I met Karl… (sorta – see above!)

Enjoy my Chanel Diary! 

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