Travel Thursdays with ps I made this's ERICA DOMESEK!

April 14

These days I’m looking at different blogs – fashion (ofcourse), beauty, food, fitness, art… and one that I’ve been obsessed with for some time would have to be ps I made this – a website that shows you how to make the coolest things – anything from a Burberry Trench, to an ipad clutch to a statement necklace! This week the woman behind it all, Erica Domesek shares her travel tips. Thank you Erica!

1- Pack empty zip-lock bags.  I always end up bringing back shells, cool rocks, basically anything eye-catching I find when I travel
2- Bring a ribbon/rope and a double sided tape-  I ALWAYS end up needing them.  Just last week I didnt have a hair elastic to put my hair back and used a rope on the beach!
3- You dont need to shop for expensive things when you travel… Keep your eyes peeled for unique trinkets and significant keepsakes on your trip that you can reuse and repurpose when you return home.  
4- Take pictures that inspire you!  When I travel- I snap photos of architecture, flowers, textiles, fashion, which usually end up inspiring a DIY project


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