Travel Thursdays with Celebrity Hairstylist, TARA SMITH!

April 7

Who better to know how to have perfect hair while traveling than the woman behind Demi Moore, Rosario Dawson and Marisa Tomei’s manes?? I’m a huge fan of Tara Smith’s products and use her shampoo and a few of her products such as her coveted hair glosser! To shop her collection, click here!

-Always pack a variety of simple hair accessories like hair bands, pins and head bands to make pulling your look together extra easy, you don’t want to spend your travels wrestling with your hair!   Go for a stylish top-knot- which always looks chic and pulled together day or night. 
-I always have my Tara Smith Top Coat Glosser in my bag.   It is brilliant for freshening up your hair and combating all of the pollutants and free radicals in the air- great for when you are on the go.   And it gives your hair amazing shine and a fresh sweet orange scent!
-Travelling is so drying for your skin and I find that oils work best to re-hydrate and get you glowing in warm or cold weather.  I love Shirley Page’s certified organic oils.
-Lastly, be spontaneous!   If it is a holiday trip rather than biz of course, I like to just see where the day takes me.   My best travel memories come from completely unplanned trips, and embracing the experiences and opportunities as they come along. 

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