UPDATED WINNER; COMPETITION: Win a bottle of Lolita Lempicka's "Elle L'Aime" & a Gold Cuff.

January 27

Congrats to winner, Maura. Someone from the team will email you shortly!

Earlier this year, MyFashDiary was whisked to Paris for a sneak preview of the latest fragrance from Parisian perfume house Parfums Lolita Lempicka “Elle L’Aime” – as well as getting the chance to meet the lovely Lolita herself. (Paris trip post here)

Elle L’Aime has top notes of bergamot, neroli and lime, opulent middle notes of coconut, jasmine and ylang-ylang and deep base notes of sandalwood, vanilla and myrrh – and comes packaged in a shimmering column of gold.

To celebrate the launch of this sensual new fragrance,  Parfums Lolita Lempicka has teamed up with to give away a full size bottle of Elle L’Aime and a limited edition gold-plated wrist cuff.


So, how do you enter?

-Like Parfums Lolita Lempicka on Facebook here

-Like Myfashdiary on Facebook here

– Post your favourite note from Elle L’Aime in the comment box below.

Good luck!


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    • NoorusSaba

      vanilla and myrrh…really in luv…

    • NoorusSaba

      vanilla and myrrh…really in luv…

  • Sally Gray
  • Delaine Maria Dcosta

    Liked both pages

    Vanilla ❤

  • Mary Ann

    Love the blend of bergamot and vanila. It makes smell soft yet warm.

  • Maura

    My favourite note is Neroli, a light sweet-floral scent that smells exquisite.

  • Mary Young

    Vanilla and Myrrh in love with them always been my favs


  • Selma Romola R

    I would go for vanilla even though I like the other floral and fruity notes.

  • Vinka Manshani

    My favourite note from Elle L’Aime is sandalwood.

    Liked both pages

  • Sarah

    Done both!

    I recently got a small tester from my friend and I thought that the coconut seemed to engulf the scent which made it even more awesome! 🙂

  • Cathy Rodrigues

    Vanilla and myrrh- favorite notes

    liked both the pages.


  • http://none Monica Ramesh

    Loved, liked and shared both the pages. Hope to be lucky!
    My favorite note has to be Lime, it screams freshness and I love that.

  • Amriaa

    I would have to say coconut and vanilla 😀

  • Manal Amin


  • Samareen Yusufi

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂
    I love the anything citrus so my favorite note is Lime – Fresh and Heavenly! 🙂

  • Sadia Azmat

    i love vanilla, jasmine and lime notes from Elle L’Aime 🙂

  • Aroosa Abdullah

    My absolute favorite note from Elle L’Aime has to be the opulent notes of coconut hands down!

    Amazing competition 😉 x

  • Nancy Alcantara

    done…liked both pages!!!

    As always, VANILLA… an all time fave! 🙂

  • Elena Mavlitova

    My most favourite scents are jasmine and ylang-ylang. Such a incredible warm oriental floral perfume! Coconut, jasmine and ylang-ylang, sandalwood, vanilla and myrrh … I really love all the individual ingredients but together they make the perfection called Elle L’Aime.

  • Yasmine

    Vanilla ❤️

  • Eric Lobo

    I have liked Parfums Lolita Lempicka on Facebook, I have likedf Myfashdiary on Facebook. My favourite note from Elle L’Aime is Jasmine – ntoxicating, deep, exotic and sensual !

    Eric Lobo

  • Frah Hash


  • Patriz Salazar Datlangin

    Being from the tropics, coconut is a very reasonable answer. 🙂

  • Mahnoor Khan

    i love vanilla note from Elle L’Aime

  • Alex Moore

    ahhh would really love to win the perfume and that gorgeous gold cuff!! I love love love Lolita Lempicka’s perfumes! and would love this too!!! and I love a jasmine note!!!

  • priyanka


    all steps done

    wish to get lucky once by u

  • Renu

    liked both d Pages ..i loved Vanilla n Lime note from Elle L’Aime ….:)

  • Shazia

    sandalwood !! 🙂

  • Sofia

    Jasmine & Lime 🙂

  • Nabeela

    Definitely Bergamot for me !!

  • Saiqa

    Lime 🙂

  • Shazeen

    Jasmine – just love it !

  • Mushtaq

    Bergamot 🙂 <3

  • Waqas MH

    Lime & Bergamot

  • Adeela

    Bergamot & Vanilla !

  • dounya taha

    Done all steps

    hope to win

    Lolita Lempicka “Elle L’Aime” is my favorite fragrance so far smell very amazing and attractive like a floral bouquet combining rare natural extracts from coconut flower line, Jasmine and Myrrh …wow wow wow

  • Rreema Bhatia

    Have liked all the pages & following myfashdiary since long! A big big fan of vanilla & Lolita perfume makes me crazyyyy 🙂 hope to win 🙂

  • Rreema Bhatia

    Have liked all the pages & following myfashdiary since long! A big big fan of vanilla & Lolita perfume makes me crazyyyy 🙂 hope to win 🙂 fingers crossed 🙂 x

  • Rreema Bhatia

    Hope to win! Vanilla my all time fav 🙂

  • Manal Ramadan


  • Rreema Bhatia

    Followed all the pages & big fan of Tala Samman! Love all the posts! my all time fav is vanilla. So wish to win the lolita perfume as i go gaga over it.. Cheers 🙂 x

  • Radhika

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway!! Hope to win it! All the best to all who are participating 🙂

    And I looveee <3 Vanilla <3 anytime! but also love sandalwood!

  • Insiya

    My favorite note has to be neroli and lime! I have the mini version of Elle L’Aime & absolutely love it! It has a great romantic & enticing smell! Following the pages.

    Following your blog since forever xx

  • Lalaine Calolo

    vanilla <3

  • Zareen Abdullah

    I love lime,coco and vanilla notes as they are mild yet refreshing

  • pooja

    Vanila…all time fav…hope to win 🙂

  • Maheen Abbas

    Vanilla & Jasmine.

  • Rameeza

    I like the top note citrus and the base note; vanilla and sandalwood! I feel the scent is very exotic and bold that would be perfect for an evening wear! I have got to say the packaging is very oriental and gives a shopisticated look!

    I have liked both the pages on Facebook.
    Facebook Name: Rameeza Mn

    Wish you wish! Xoxo

  • shreen A

    fingers crossed for this gorgeous set!!! hope i can win it to rock the cuff and the perfume<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marites Dughmash

    Liked both pages already.

    My fave is VANILLA..all the way 😉

  • Noor gee

    Liked Shared both the pages wish to win with you
    Vanilla and myrrh- favorite .

  • Jenny D.

    wow,thanks for the lovely giveaway,
    liked both pages and hope to get lucky
    I like the Sandalwood and Vanilla

  • Leena Abdul

    My favourite note is Sandalwood and Myrrh. Fingers crossed.


    I like both pages as Despina Vnt
    Favorite notes: jasmine and ylang-ylang
    Gorgeous prize, thank you!!! <3

  • mel

    I love the sweet and fresh smell of island coconut!

  • Annette Garmann-Johnsen

    I like vanilla the most, but sandalwood is a close second. And one of my favourite perfumes is the original lolita lempicka 🙂

  • Ory

    Lovely perfume that takes you to Paris and makes you feel it’s glam and charm just with one spray… Love the combination of Jasmine, citrus notes, coconut flower, lime and mir… It’s simply Love in bottle!

  • Efat Yassin


  • Fashion Follows Her

    Jasmine is one of my fave scents… just lovely. And you know my weakness for statement cuffs!

  • Zainub Naeem

    My favorite note from Elle L’Aime is Bergamot

    Liked the two pages 🙂

    Fingers crossed.

  • Gabrielle Lhayne

    Vanilla and Praline… sweet and refreshing!!!

  • Gabrielle Lhayne

    Vanilla and White Floral.. sweet and refreshing!!! 🙂

  • Soniya Ahuja

    Done all the steps

    Lime and Vanilla all time favs

    Would love to win this exotic prize as a gift for my 14th wedding anniversary this Feb..:) 🙂

  • Shilpa Jain

    jasmine and lime notes from Elle L’Aime

  • Amna Mohammed

    My favourite note from Elle L’Aime is vanilla and sandalwood.
    Liked both Pages

  • martha

    vanilla and bergamot,my favourite smelling notes

  • Cai Mabala

    jasmine is love!!! feeling heaven!!

  • Faiza Saleem

    My favorite notes from Elle L’Aime is Bergamot & Vanilla

  • poonam gupta

    jasmine and Bergamot are my favourite notes…………done with all the steps……….

  • Basmah Salman

    My favourite would be deep note Sandal wood i really like the smell of it . This is a great competition 🙂

    Liked both pages !

  • Anupa


  • tahira ali

    wish 2 win dear 🙂

  • Eman Qadeer

    My favourite note is Bergamot

  • Khansa

    My favorite notes are lime and coconut. They are so fruity and tropical in a subtle manner!

  • faiza saeed

    Liked both pages and my favourite note from Elle L’Aime is sparkling citrus accords of bergamot, neroli and lime

  • abeer ayyoub

    I adore Jasmine note, it took me back to my childhood place where I grow up 🙂

  • Noor Sabri Samara

    I wish i can win this amazing perfume

  • Dimple Verma

    Liked both pages


  • noor


  • reem abdulkareem


  • http://- Mahek Kanjani

    my favourite Elle L’Aime scent is sandalwood, and the vanilla one is sweet too!
    liked both the pages as well!
    good day! xx

  • nareman hussien


  • Noor Sabri Samara

    i loved Vanilla n Lime note from Elle L’Aime

  • Noor Sabri Samara

    vanilla and sandalwood

  • Noor Sabri Samara


  • Charlotte

    I love neroli and lime 🙂

  • Gabrielle Lhayne

    love to win!!

  • parul ghalout

    My favourite Vanilla & Jasmine.

    wish to win

  • Marwa

    I love the middle notes of coconut, jasmine and ylang-ylang 🙂

  • Maria Vaz

    Vanilla & Bergamot

  • Fatima Guerrero

    Freshness like the smell of the citrus.. LIME

  • Samantha

    I ❤️ sandalwood

  • Mehreen Afroze

    Vanilla and Myrrh in love with them always

  • Adwa Mohammed

    my fav notes are vanilla and myrrh

    love ur blog xx

  • sapna rathan


  • sarah nasser

    Hope to win with u for the valntine

  • sarah nasser

    My favorite vanilla and jasmine
    Wish to wi

  • Linsey pereira

    Followed all steps…


  • Ayesha Irfan

    vanilla is my all time fav

  • Delia Pereira

    My favourite note from Elle L’Aime is the warm, oriental and opulent lingering base note of Myrrh!! would love to feel like a princess 🙂 Thanks for the fragrant giveaway!

  • Mona

    I love jasmine. It reminds me of my mum and and flowers I always receive on my birthday.

  • Anita Jashnani


  • Kamla P


  • Ritu Sobhraj


  • Rekha Raju


  • jorry agha


  • Shilpa Jain

    neroli and lime

  • Irene

    Definitely vanilla!

  • K!!

    Vanilla! 😉

  • Kannah Millano

    *******Announcement!: Vanilla is my fave!!
    done liking.

  • Nida Moughal

    Vanilla Please <3
    Done all entries.

  • Maura

    Thank you very much for selecting me as the winner of the beautiful Lolita Lempicka “Elle L’Aime” perfume with the limited edition gold-plated wrist cuff. I am absolutely delighted and very grateful to have won this fabulous prize.

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