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September 16
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Shirt by Beautiful Monster from Glasswork Studios. American Eagle denim cut offs. Bionda Castana ‘Tala’ heels

Location: Dubai, UAE

  • Vanesa

    Hi, I’m new on your website and just want to comment this ootd looks amazing! Big love.


  • Alyssa

    Hello! I’ve been following your Instagram and blog for about a month since I moved to Dubai and I love it! All your style, hard work and your positive attitude is so inspiring. I am curious about where in Dubai you are able to wear an outfit like this, with shorts? Would you only wear this in your home or a private place? I am trying to figure out a good balance between wearing certain items (like shorts and tasteful sleeveless tops) and not wanting to be disrespectful or offensive to the local culture.

    Also, your dog is so cute! I have 2 little white fluff balls of my own!


    • Tala Samman

      hi! welcome to Dubai. I actually wore that to a lounge in Souk al Bahar, Sake no Hana. I guess I just wouldn’t wear it around in shopping centres but would wear a sleeveless top and shorts if it was right above my knees. Not sure if this helps. Just think, tasteful outfits & you’re good!

      • Alyssa

        Yes, that does help! Thank you so much!