UPDATED WINNER- COMPETITION: Philosophy Beauty Products.

April 29


Competition time! This week, I have teamed up with one of my favorite beauty brands, Philosophy for an exciting competition. I’m giving away two hero products – their BB cream and full of hope to one lucky reader.


All you have to do is…


-Tell me in the comment box below why you love Philosophy?


-I will be posting a Philosophy image on instagram this week – make sure you like it.


The reader who completes the above will be chosen at random.


Good luck!

  • Ace

    I love that Philosophy has so many scents and styles to choose from, it feels like they’re making their products just for me!

  • zuzu

    I love philosophy because their products enhance the beauty of our skin by only giving to it and not taking from it. <3

  • Rusul

    I love their products because they actually REALLY work, and they’re very gentle on the skin which is great for me since I have super sensitive skin.

  • Yelena

    Hi Tala, To me Philosophy products embody….attention to detail to the body, I love their wide range of unique products to choose from in every area,from bath products,to perfume, and facial care and it all smells so great. 🙂

  • Az

    I love philosophy products! I find their products are great quality and I love their cute messages. All their stuff always smell amazing and i’m always keen to try out new products by them 🙂

  • Roro

    I happen to think the philosophy behind the Philosophy brand is incredibly inspiring and I love how each item has it’s own inspirational message on the front. For instance, my Marshmallows for Toasting lip shine simply says smile and be merry, but when I’m having a bad day, sometimes these little inspirational messages help me refocus on something positive. Not to forget the adorable names of their products.

  • Mais

    My skin loves Philosophy, all the products feels so light and so natural and they also smell delicious!

  • Leen

    Philosophy brings out the natural and glowing inner beauty without overloading the face. Philosophy is clearly one of the most recommended brands due to its outstanding quality and effect it has on women.

  • mel

    I love the way philosophy products treat my skin.they are light,natural and are very gentle on my skin

  • martha

    i find philosphy products very effective on my skin.they are not too harsh and smell great.philosophy products rock!

  • nicholas

    i love these products for so many reasons their packaging,the way they make my skin heal and they are super longlastin

  • schubert

    philosophy is great in so many as they bring spiritual healing to the body and mind.i find their packaging truly inspirations and they have gorgeous colour swatches!

  • Farah J

    Hi Tala! I’m not going to lie and say I love all Philosophy products bec I haven’t tried them.The only Philosophy product I have used and continue using is their Coconut Frosting 3 in 1. I love the fragrance and the after effects on the skin. I would love to try their BB cream (I only knew they had one because I was reading your beauty buzz last year during christmas as I wanted to get a gift for my mom and you had mentioned the BB in that). I actually love all your beauty buzz’s 🙂

  • Lama

    I LOVE Philosophy because they offer a wide range of smooth, creamy products wether its lotion or bubble bath gel and most importantly it has the most delicious yummy smells <3<3 and i can keep going on and on the and the reply box won't be enough :p

  • Naila

    I’ve yet to really start using their stuff, but I love it anyways, for one reason: such. classy. packaging.

  • Liesbeth (candyandtreats)

    Bc it’s such an uplifting brand that procures one with wise words in the morning!


  • sonia

    It’s simply the best

  • rain

    Philosophy makes our skin look great ♡

  • Kamla

    Philosophy has great range of products and my skin radiates when I use their products

  • Jenni Kusuanco

    Haven’t tried yet Philosophy products but based on the reviews and ratings i found from the internet, this products is amazing.. it redefines beauty 🙂

  • Saina Ramyar

    I love philosophy products because they work great with my skin and make it look more beautiful.

  • Mouna

    I lovvvvvvvvve their Hope in a jar. Its the ONLY moisturizer that doesnt wreck havoc on my skin and it leaves my skin really really soft. I worry about the day they discontinue it. 🙁

  • Nida

    Philosophy has products that cater to every skin issue and they do what they say. i have built trust in them over the years.

  • Ritu Sobhraj

    Love Philosophy, they have great products which always gives great results!

  • K

    Pls announce winner

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